New Grassroots Referee In-Person Sessions

COVID-19 Update (12/21/2020)

Registration for new Grassroots referee clinics is now open. You may register now and begin the online portion of the course immediately. We hope to schedule in-person field sessions beginning in early 2021. Our decision concerning in-person sessions will be made based on safety protocols as well as local and state health department requirements. If you have registered and are working on the online lessons, you will be able to transfer into any in-person session as they are scheduled. Please click the Become a Referee button below.


Facial coverings (masks) are REQUIRED to be worn during this in-person session. Bring a minimum of two full water bottles to the sessions – there are no public or shared water facilities.

If you don’t feel well, STAY HOME! You will have other opportunities to make up this session. Check your email prior to the session for detailed safety instructions.

In addition to the 5 online sessions in OMS, you must also complete the entire online portion of the 4.5 hour US Soccer Learning Center (LC) Grassroots Referee Course no less than 3 days prior to the In-Person session.

IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE US SOCCER TRAINING IN THE LC 3 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR CLINIC, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE CLASS! You will then have the option to transfer to a future In-Person clinic to complete your training.


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