Maryland’s assessors work hard at providing feedback to assist referees with their growth and development.  Referees at every level are encouraged to request periodic assessments as a means of improving their overall performance.

For those wishing to move up the referee ranks, assessments are a required part of the upgrade process.  Details about the requirements to upgrade can be found in the “Referee Upgrade Information” section under the Referees tab of this website.  It is suggested that referees arrange their required assessments as early as possible in the year.

The procedure for requesting an assessment is as follows:

  • If you plan to upgrade this year, log in to website, and select “Courses” from the menu on the left, then Select “Referee Courses”, then Select and Register for the “20xx Referee Upgrade Course”, example, “2016 Referee Upgrade Course”.
  • For Upgrades and Maintenance assessments, contact an assignor and request assignment to a game of the appropriate age, duration, and competitiveness for you assessment.  Let the assignor know this request is for an assessment.
  • Once a match is assigned, send an email to Bryan Roslund (SDA) with a copy to Greg Watson (SRA) requesting an assessment.  In the assessment request, indicate what type of assessment you are seeking (maintenance or upgrade), the game date, game time, and game location.  It is also helpful to include the league, division, teams, and the names of others on the referee crew.
  • No less than 10 days prior to the match, log in to your website, and select Courses from the menu on the left, then Select Referee Courses, then Select, Register for the appropriate course that begins with “Pay for Assessment” (Maintenance / Upgrade).  You will have to pay with a Visa or MC, to complete the registration.  The fees are listed below.
  • Upon verification of the  fees being paid, an assessor will be assigned to the game.  The assessor with make contact with you to confirm the details of the game.

Maryland Assessment Fees

The fee for an assessment is determined by the grade of the assessment requested.  Category one is 8 to 7 upgrades and grade 7 maintenance assessments.  This fee is $60.  Category two is 7 to 6 upgrades, whether as a referee or an assistant referee and grade 6 maintenance.  This fee is $65.  Category three is 6 to 5 upgrades, either as a referee or as an assistant referee, and grade 5 maintenance.  This fee is $70.  Category four is 5 to 4 upgrades, whether as a referee or an assistant referee, and grade 4 maintenance.  This fee is $75.  These fees are consistent with the assessment fees of other states and greatly simplify our system. Referees will request assessments through the Maryland Game Officials website and pay for assessments by credit card.

Category Type of Assessment Fee
 I 8 to 7 upgrade, 7 maintenance    $60
II 7 to 6 upgrade (Referee or AR), 6 maintenance    $65
III 6 to 5 upgrade (Referee or AR), 5 maintenance    $70
IV 5 to 4 upgrade (Referee or AR), 4 maintenance    $75


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