2021 Registration

It has come to my attention that you received a message from the US Soccer Learning Center about your 2021 license. The Maryland State Referee Committee did opt-in to the US Soccer free registration for 2021. Your 2020 license was rolled over and is valid through December 31, 2021. You will, however, need to complete certain requirements to be registered and receive your 2021 badge. Details are posted on the Maryland Referee web site (http://marylandreferees.com). The Maryland State Referee Committee is currently working on the exact training requirements and procedures you will need to complete in order to receive your badge.  As more information becomes known, we will immediately pass it on to you. MD is an option 2 state which means that all recert training will not be in the Learning Center, all online training will be within OMS.

There is no need to be concerned at this point about your 2021 registration. Your current 2020 badge is still good until December 31, 2020. You have plenty of time to complete this requirement by the end of 2020.

Greg Watson

State Referee Administrator

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