“Ask A Referee” is Back!

Jim Allen’s  Ask A Referee web site is now up and running again full speed ahead. Jim has “passed the baton” to Dan Heldman. For those who do not know Dan, his credentials include involvement in the National Referee Program as a National Referee Instructor, National Assessor, and a member of the National Instructional Program staff for 15+ years. Dan chaired USSF’s Instructional Program Advisory Panel. Dan also was an author of the ATR (along with Jim Allen), Laws of the Game Made Easy and Offside Made Easy publications.

Here is part of a recent email received from Dan:

“You may not have heard this but I took over from Jim Allen (at his invitation) management of the askasoccerreferee website — http://www.askasoccerreferee.com/ — and have been busy with it since early January.  Part of the problem is that Jimmy inactivated the site last November with a note on the Home screen that, although the archives were still on line, no further questions could be submitted due to his “retirement” and this would remain the case until such time as he could arrange for a replacement.  Well, that was me but, meanwhile, roughly two months of inactivity (during which all visitors were being told that the site was “down” until further notice) has likely resulted in lots of past and potentially new visitors to check askasoccerreferee off their list of places to visit again.  I’m trying to get the word out that we are back in business, under new management, and ready to entertain more questions.  REFEREE magazine will have a sidenote in one of the next several months about the site, its objectives (see the site info under the “About” tab), and how it can be accessed.  As you may know, the site is not just for officials – we also field questions from players and coaches (these are often fun to answer!).”

All I can say is “Welcome Back!”. For many (MANY!) years, this site has been a go-to for referees looking for inciteful, accurate answers without any politics. Please spread the word.

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