Law Changes effective 01 July 2016.

To All Referees,

There are many law changes that will go into effect on 01 July 2016. It is your responsibility as a referee to know the Laws of the Game and rules of the competition you are refereeing. So the links below will provide you with the Laws of the Game and the new changes. For those that are attending recertification clinics this summer, you will get an hour and half presentation of all the changes. However I recommend that you still read the information in the following links:



  1.!/laws – The 2016/2017 Laws of the Game, broken down by each law.


  1. – A printer friendly version of the Laws of the Game.


  1. – This was taken from the Laws of the Game and covers, in detail, all the changes. It is highly recommended that you read this 48 page document to get a good understanding of the changes.


  1. – This is a very quick 7 page summary of the law changes.


  1. – Frequently asked questions page broken down by laws. 12 total pages so far and counting.


  1. – This is the home page of The International Football Association Board. The body that is responsible for the Laws of the Game. Look around there is a lot of great information on this site. This website has been updated weekly since the 2016/2017 laws have been made public.


**Note**: This is for local leagues only and does not include USL, NPSL and ASL as direction will come from these leagues and of the federation.


As always, if you have a question please let the SRA (sra at, the SYRA (syra at, or myself know.


Bob Reath

SDI Maryland

sdimd at


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